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Important Notice: We're making some changes here at and on our Facebook page in February 2021, where we are changing over to the web domain and will be renaming our game title & page to 'United Intelligence Agency'.
New Game Name: United Intelligence Agency
Old Game Name:
Release Date: TBC
Developer: The Data Driven Game Company Ltd
Investor: £0 / £20,200,000
Facebook Followers: 45,000+
Company Status: Active (Undergoing Dev)
Players: 84
Calendar: View
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The Game
A battle royal type game, powered by the community, where everyone gets a role in how our game should work. You will be able to load up the game on most platforms/devices, select what mode you'd like to play, fly in with a parachute and battle it out to the end with 99 other players! We're going to become a top 100 game title by December 2021.

► A community powered battle royal game
► Cross platform & cross play
► Free to download & play
► Includes in game purchasing
► Powered by meaningful data
► Designed in 62 languages
► All about fun & education
The Player
► Customise your character
► Make your own emotes
► Learn life skills in game
► Use a rucksack for inventory
► Access 3 free characters
► Use binoculars, flares & a flashlight
► Stamina influences running
The Map
► A real life city featured each week
► Real-time weather & time built in
► A fan's featured building each day
► Places of Worship gives immunity
► Fly in with a parachute
► A map that crumbles over time
► A random city every match
► Be featured on our supporters island
► A map made by the community
The Gameplay
► To choose building on/off
► To choose vehicles on/off
► To choose same/all platforms
► Get a second chance after dying
► Testing/Bots Mode
► Campaign Mode (Educational)
► 64 different types of wins
The Inventory
► 15 old, modern & futuristic weapons
► 45 different weapon attachments
► Offensive grenades, decoys & traps
► Fruit & vegetables add health
► Craft different types of shields
► Discover inventory across the map
The Education
► A community ideas lab
► A dedicated learning mode
► Incorporating maths, science & language
► Using gaming as an engine to help people
► Be recognised through volunteering
► Secrets and surprises to reveal
Things to do
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Registration Benefits
▲ Gamer Name Tag
▲ Data Coin Bonus Pack*
▲ Entry to our Competition
▲ Entry to become a character
▲ 0.00005% stake in our company*
▲ Submit ideas on your account
▲ See all your achievements
▲ View your investments
*Applies to first 100,000 players!
Our Partners...
Our partners help support us in delivering a community powered game.
Discover our partners

Benefits of partnering
► Support & promote one another
► Conquer mutual goals together
► Be featured in game & in content
Types of partnerships
▲ Featured on our website
▲ Featured story on social media
▲ Support & promote one another

▲ Featured on our website
▲ Featured story on social media
▲ Featured in related marketing
▲ Participate in video discussions/meets
▲ Support & promote one another

▲ Featured on our website
▲ Featured story on social media
▲ Featured in related marketing
▲ Featured on our supporters island
▲ Participate in video discussions/meets
▲ Join us at conferences
▲ Support & promote one another

▲ All of gold
▲ Featured in our game loader screen
▲ Featured building in our map
▲ Featured logo on future merchandise
Become a partner
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Our Investors...
Our investors help finance us in delivering a community powered world game. We are in the process of raising £20,200,000 for 30% in our company and we welcome you to invest in us today, from £1 to £500,000! Our Startup Fund provides x50 more stake on investment over Fund A.
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Benefits of investing
● Share in our company
● Featured on our supporters island
● Featured in our hall of fame
● Make gains in the startup phase
● Win whilst we're a small company
● Stock market flotation by 2023
● Better investment than BitCoin
● Gain basic dividends on flotation
● Request your gamer tag early
Invest now

Our startup fund aims on raising £200,000 in return for 10% of our company. You can now invest from £5 to £10,000. This opportunity is for our earliest investors and who get x50 more stake over Fund A.
Percent: 10%
Target: £200,000
Raised: £0
Invest in our company now; invest in your community, invest in the future of battle royal, invest in a game which drives the community closer together! People & businesses can invest £5 and £10,000. Read more and checkout with PayPal, we've made the process very easy!






Fund A is the first commercial funding round made available at, where we aim to raise up to £20,000,000 in return for 20% of our company. You can invest from £1 to £20 million, where we are open to smaller & bigger investors.
Percent: 20%
Target: £20,000,000
Raised: £0
This opportunity is now open to people, businesses and major investors. In return for a typical investment of £5,000, investors will get a return of 0.005% stake in the company, potentially worth £250,000 when we float at £5 billion on the stock market. We plan on floating on the stock market in the next couple of years when conditions are right.


► YEAR 1

► YEAR 2

► YEAR 3


Share Calculator

Use our share calculator to work out what percentages are worth in our company, given various scenarios when we become a stock market company.

Select Share (%)...
Share Allocation
● Community Share Programme: 35%
● Employee Share Programme: 10%
● UK Government Programme: 10%
● Celebrity Exposure Campign: 1%
● Signup Fund: 5%
● Startup Fund: 10%
● Fund A: 20%
● Founder: 9%

All shares (%) issued in our company can only be sold when we become a listed stock market company, where we are aiming to become one by 2022/2023. We've provided these terms where we have issued shares.

Our founder has a role in all the decisions being made at powered by The Data Driven Game Company and owns all outstanding shares in existing share allocations and will always be the majority share holder, until one day in 1000 years times... It will be completely owned by the community of 1000 years! How amazing! Right... It's just the start...
World Financial Data
Stock Market Info
1994 companies do £0.1b revenue
1920 companies do £1b revenue
870 companies do £10b revenue

1875 companies do £0.1b profit
700 companies do £1b profit
50 companies do £10b profit

1999 companies worth £0.1b
1940 companies worth £1b
1090 companies worth £10b

Wealth Distribution
499m people have $100k to $1m
47m people have $1m+
41m people have between $1-5m
18m people in America have $1m+
3.6m people have between $5-10m
1.8m people have between $10-50m
168k people have over $50m
2600 people are dollar billionaires
Our Community...
Our communities shape who we are, how we design and how we work together, to make a world powered moving game!
Discover our community
Benefits of community
► Be listened to and have a voice
► Connect with like-minded people
► Engage in interesting topics
Minecraft Developers

Thank you so much to all the people who have helped us recently on Minecraft to help build our map.

Benefits of contributing
► Name featured in game (supporters island)
► 4 free tickets to our gaming conference!
► Issued with shares from our CSP*
► Get unlimited data coins (DC)+

*CSP terms
1. Our founder can only issue credit/shares
2. You can only have one account with us
3. You can not request for credit/shares
4. Our founder will decide how much you get
5. Stock market conditions apply
6. We must be a stock market company to sell
7. All conditions are subject to change at any given time.

+Unlimited DC terms
1. 1000 DC a day to spend maximum
2. DC do not accumulate each day
3. You can not transfer DC to others
Game Programmers & Students
Help us make our community driven battle royal game today. To date, we've conceptualised our gaming business and have began connecting with the community, to give people a role in our game.

Help us make our game
1. About our gaming company
2. Help us make our game today
3. Things you need to know
4. Join us now...

1. About our gaming company
We are currently running through the investment phase which comprises of the Startup Fund and Fund A, which aims on securing £20,200,000, to help us progress and make one of the best games in the world, up there alongside Apex Legends, Call of Duty and Fortnite, ready for release in December 2020.

We are currently offering volunteering opportunities, part of our Community Share Programme, where people can start working with us today, to help us fulfil our mission and targets. People can now also apply for paid positions too, which will be considered during August to September 2020.

To learn more about our game, visit our Facebook page and read more on our website.

Read more
UK Government Programme

As our game is going to be a community & educational tool, we'd like to dedicate 10% of our company to the UK Government, who in return, can have a say in how our educational elements of our game work. Our purpose is to ensure we bring value to society.

We're going to be a top 100 game title by December 2021 through hard work and we want to teach our children that if you put in hard work, then you progress. We already know that gaming is an educational tool to help us learn and improve our skills. Therefore we're going to make the most of this opportunity and make sure our game helps children & adults, learn life skills in game, to help them do better in life & work.

Britain, including the wider world needs our game right now. Our game will be bigger & better than the likes of Grand Theft Auto, which teaches our children the wrong messages. Our game will be more fulfilling and rewarding than the likes of Fortnite which is limtied in capabilities and isn't really about saving the world.

You may ask, why give 10% of our company away to the UK Government. Well it's very simple; as we grow and generate more market capital & revenue, the dividends can be accumulated and then the government can decide on how to reinvest the dividends back into the educational sectors alongside their existing programmes, which support people into careers in gaming.

We will be connecting further with the UK Government to express this opportunity and we look forward to doing many great things with them, now & into the future.
Community Share Programme (CSP)

Our community share programme is now worth 35% of our business, to give people more opportunity to get a share in our company, over the next 1000 years. Depending on their impact, time and energy, we will decide on how many credits they will get and there will be jobs to do for credits. We are in a position during our startup phase to deploy it. It's an amazing time to be alive... Connect with us today, to see how you can help.

To make things clear, shares issued before 08/06/2020, are classed at the original rate of 1 million credits to 10%, now known as company share type 1. Other rules will apply and we will make it clear enough to understand.

Company Share Type 1 (10%)
1,000,000 credits
0.00001% per credit
0.5% year one (50,000 credits)
9.5% years / 199 years

Company Share Type 2 (10%)
10,000,000 credits
0.000001% per credit
0.1% year one (100,000 credits)
9.9% / 500 years

Company Share Type 3 (10%)
100,000,000 credits
0.0000001% per credit
0.1% year one (1,000,000 credits)
9.9% / 1000 years

Company Share Type 4 (5%)
innovative reserve

We're preparing for the next 1000 years and are already beginn ing to innovate in ways we can give people shares in our company, now and into the future. We will also give 0.00000000000000000000000001% to the next 100 billion people who register to our game, as a token of ownership in our gaming business, to feel a part of the community of 100 billion people over the next 1000 years.

View jobs/tasks to do...
Use our share calculator

1. Our founder can only issue credit/shares for now
2. You can only have one account with us
3. You can not request for credit/shares
4. Our founder will decide how much you get
5. Stock market conditions apply
6. We must be a stock market company to sell
7. All conditions are subject to change at any given time.
Our Assets...
Our assets make up our game, business & community! Discover game content to marketing materials right here.
Discover our Assets
Game: All Ideas
Game: Map
Game: Characters
Game: Inventory
Game: Loaders
Brand: Business
Brand: Materials
Brand: Web
Learn how to contribute
► Plan and prepare your contribution
► Submit work to
► Be featured & realise your career in gaming

It's as simple as that! We look forward to connecting with you and building upon our friendship.

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Our Shop...
Our shop allows our fans to buy merchandise and it also helps us promote and strengthen our brand!
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Our Careers...
Our careers help the community discover ways to work with us. From volunteering to paid positions, we're opeing the door to everyone, regardless of age or skills! We'll do our best to make you feel a part of our journey in making the best battle royal game on the planet.
Discover our careers
We're in process of developing jobs at powered by The Data Driven Game Company! You can register your interest in working with us now by emailing us. We're on the look out for people interested in helping make our game. We plan on hiring in the summer/autumn period of 2020 to make sure our game stays on track for release in winter 2020. It's an exciting time to be alive and we'd love for you to join us on this journey...
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Our Data...
Our parent company The Data Driven Game Company aims on revolutionising the way we access, manage and use data in the gaming industry. It's just the start and we've provided some information to learn more about the progress we're making.
Discover our data